Have you ever wondered how certain celebrities have six-pack abs that they show off constantly in crop tops, yes Gwen Stefani I am talking about you for one, or how they NEVER have that little roll of fat on their belly that I have come to call affectionately ‘Happy Fat’ as it usually stems from a slight love affair with wine, beer, chocolate or all three? Well so did I!

Hours with a personal trainer and a special meal plan created by a top nutritionist simply don’t work after a certain age or for certain metabolisms. I know this for a fact as I used to have a perfect flat stomach for years, without even bothering going to the gym. Yes, I was a model and therefore lived on cigarettes and diet coke but even after I stopped modeling and changed my unhealthy ways to become a gym bunny regular, who only ate organic from the farmers market, I gradually started to notice that a muffin top was appearing and deciding to stay, not disappear after a quick cleanse.

It hasn’t ben easy to accept and I am putting it down to crossing a certain age where things need a little help in keeping looking good, otherwise known as ‘maintenance’ darlings…And believe me ALL the celebs do it!

I needed help in reversing this situation as quickly as possible and went to my ‘go to guy’ and friend Dr Joseph Cerni. He is an expert on diets and body shaping as well as, in my opinion, the best botox guy in town!

Recently moved to larger premises, his clinic ‘Forever Ageless’ in Newport is the best-kept secret in the OC, except judging by his rate of expansion the secret is well and truly out.

Dr Joe, recommended I try doing CoolSculpting, a non-surgical contouring procedure that freezes stubborn fat. The fat is then eliminated naturally from your body over a period of weeks with the full result of the procedure around 12 weeks from treatment, though you start to see the change occur after a few weeks.  There are no needles, no down time and no surgery and of course it is FDA – cleared. I was sold and booked in immediately for my treatment.

The nurse took me into a very cozy treatment room with the most comfortable looking therapy bed. First she worked out where my fat pockets were as the CoolSculpting machine has nozzles for bigger and smaller areas. I had two pockets, one on each side of my belly. Each fat pocket takes one hour-long treatment, I lay down and she placed a cold gel pad over the area to be frozen before placing the vacuum and turning it on. There was an instant pinching sensation as my skin was sucked up but this quickly disappeared and went numb. I lay back in to my lush pillows and settled into my book (I seriously advise you bring a book or ipad especially if you are doing a double treatment).

After the hour was up the vacuum was removed and I was left with a small, ice-cold oblong lump on my stomach that looked exactly like a lump of lard (which effectively it is). This was then massaged back down with a machine that increases the effectiveness of the fat reduction. The same process was repeated on the second fat pocket and we were done, it was that easy. I have to admit I was a little sore around the area and definitely swollen but, as they say, no pain no gain and lets face it every procedure has an instant reaction.

For the first week did notice I was swollen and bloated and my stomach was sensitive to the touch and a little itchy. It felt like my tummy wobbled when I ran which was rather amusing.  Apparently this is totally normal and if you have any serious pain you must call the office and they can prescribe you something to help.

Three weeks in and I have returned to my ‘before procedure’ stomach. The major swelling has gone, it is definitely looking less spongy than before and I am excited to monitor the results as my body removes the injured fat cells. Of course I will then publish my personal de riguer before and after shots.

I highly recommend this procedure at Forever Ageless for anyone who has an hour to kill along with some fat cells. The care here is so attentive and the team really looks after you. It sure beats lipo, I mean who wants to wear those rubber pants for 8 weeks! Not fun and certainly not fabulous, and isn’t that our ultimate aim after all?

My tip is to make sure you do CoolSculpting when you don’t intend wearing tight clothing or swimwear for at least two-three months, as you are not going to look like a Victoria’s Secret model instantly! DO NOT EXPECT INSTANT RESULTS. There are tons of blogs with twits complaining they haven’t lost the fat and look worse after two weeks, when its very clearly stated this process takes at least three months to show full results.

CoolSculpting at Forever Ageless costs $400 per area and the results should be permanent with a healthy diet and exercise.

For more information please contact Forever Ageless on 949-553-0260. Their new location is 20072 S.W. Birch Street, Ste. 200, Newport Beach, CA 92660





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