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spread_Y9cIWXUsually, we recommend practicing restraint with fashion choices, but for July 4th, more is MORE! Pile it on! Mix that Stars n’ stripes t-shirt with the American cowboy boots, and the sparkly cowboy hat. Nothing is too much. Really.




And don’t forget to keep your purse in the patriotic color scheme, like these from  she+lo above. Bathing suit? If you don’t already own a sparkly one like Katy Perry, Target has some real cute red, white & blue bikinis at great prices. If you want to go low-key this year, consider the themed tees from Nation LTD.



While frayed denim shorts are always appropriate for the holiday, if it’s steamy hot where you live you want might want to opt for a cotton choice, like these cute ones from Rails.


Rails 'Finely' Star Wash shorts.

Rails ‘Finely’ Star Wash shorts.

Skirt? Why not? Here’s some cute styles from Ksubi, like the “Pretty Vegas Short mini” ( we lust for the Albino Bleach version.)



If you want to go for a more high-fashion (at low prices ) look, this extreme asymmetrical midi skirt is the ticket. By fashion line Missguided, it’s a mere 20 bucks!






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