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Hello, it’s the 80’s and they want their Farmer John overalls back. In case you haven’t noticed, overalls are back in a big way. To be more accurate, they never went away.

Me, I look like either a toddler or a farmer when I wear them, but it’s all in the styling. Note that model Alessandra Ambrosio wears her Black Orchid Skinny Overalls in ‘Die Another Day’ (really, who comes up with these names?) with a flirty, form-fitting top and runners. Perfect. ( $174 at ShopBop.)

Alessandra has paired her overalls with a cute pair of Leopard Vans, keeping the look fun and casual.


Maybe I’ll ditch the flannel shirt and try the ‘shortalls’ which look better on petite women. If you can’t beat ’em, join the

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