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Unfortunately, Donald Trump’s political career is not in the toilet, but one Virginia man has seen his glorious orange face on the, err, bathroom floor.

“What are the odds?” Clayton Litten of Midlothian gushed to CBS 6. “One in a trillion? It’s a perfect image of him!”

What a sight to be seen and it’s most likely others have seen it, too, as they projectile vomit at the likelihood of #ChumpNation becoming a reality.

Litten sent the image below from the bathroom floor to the presumptive GOP presidential nominee’s campaign, but has “not heard from anyone yet,” according to CBS 6.  But he hasn’t given up and plans on voting for the buffoon billionaire.

Screen Shot 2016-06-08 at 3.48.04 PM


While the image of The Donald’s face isn’t evidently clear to us, we have to give Litten a break — he’s dying of lung cancer.

As for Trump, well, our bathroom is adorned with his image, too … see below.


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