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Katherine Heigl 2

Even though we’re in Awards Season, it’s not always about the big wins, say an Oscar, that matters. Crystal Light Liquid took this angle when they asked celebrities to share their #tinywins and simple choices that make life great.

They snagged guests at the custom Crystal Light Liquid bar to toast their personal tiny wins – the little steps taken every day on the path to a better you.

·         Presenter Wilmer Valderrama shared that his personal #tinywin is that he’s the first one to say hello and the last one to leave a room.

·         Scott Wolf thinks his #tinywin is getting his oldest son to eat anything green…actually that’s a big win!

·         Karina Smirnoff shared her own #tinywin of teaming up with an unlikely partner, the paparazzi, to participate in Blanket Drive to support X.

Karina Smirnoff


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