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In the opening number, host Steven Cobert set the tone for the Emmys, calling Trump ‘morally corrupt anti-hero,’ a ‘whiter Walter White,’ and sang that ‘treason is better on TV.’

That was followed with a surprise cameo from former White House press secretary Sean Spicer when he wheeled out a podium a la Melissa McCarthy and claimed the audience was  ‘the biggest in history’ a take-off on his much-ridiculed Trump inauguration claim.

Celebrities continued the theme, criticizing the president President. Jane Fonda and her 9 to 5 costars Lilly Tomlin and Dolly Parton called him a bigot; Donald Glover also ‘thanked’ him for ‘making black people number one on the most oppressed list’; and Alec Baldwin got his jab in when he picked up his award and spoke directly into the camera, ” : ‘I suppose I should say, at long last, Mr. President, here is your Emmy.’





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