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Now that her split from hubby Mario is out in the open, Ramona Singer is doing her best to put on a brave face.

“The Real Housewives of New York City” star spent the weekend with her gal pals sharing pics of them on a boat and hanging by the pool.

“On the Azul #boating #sunset #friends loving and living life, ” she captioned on photo.

Meanwhile, her hubby of more than 20 years has well and truly moved on — he was photographed with his alleged girlfriend Kyle “Kasey” Dexter at the Women’s Health Party Under the Stars in Bridgehampton, New York, on Saturday night, with a source telling PEOPLE the pair looked “very flirty”.

Singer, 57, announced the couple’s split on Twitter Thursday.

“I have decided to move on with my life without Mario. I tried my best to make my marriage work. I am excited for the new chapter in my life,” she wrote in her post.

Did this photo of Mario and his reported mistress prompt Singer's announcement?

Did this photo of Mario and his reported mistress prompt Singer’s announcement?

The pair have previously weathered their fair share of storms with Singer originally filing for divorce in January after she reportedly caught Mario cheating.  But she gave him another chance.

“All marriages hit bumps, some bigger than others,” the businesswoman told PEOPLE in April. “We have a history of 25 years together and we have been very happy.”

But Mario’s actions of late seemed to have pushed her to the edge leaving her no choice but to reveal publicly that their marriage was over.

According to a report in the New York Daily News, days before she announced the split, Mario was spotted at Upper East Side eatery Arlington Club telling anyone within earshot he was “done” with the reality star.

“Mario’s behavior was erratic. He was all over the place,” one eyewitness tells [email protected] “He couldn’t sit still. He was shouting on the phone and he was in and out of the restaurant all night. He appeared to be by himself and seemed to have enjoyed more than a few glasses of wine. He was carrying on, telling whoever was on the other end that it was done, that he wanted a divorce and couldn’t take it any longer.”

Seems he got his wish, however, you must wonder how their 19-year-old daughter Avery is coping with the marriage drama being played out in public.

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