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Hillary Clinton put it best when she tweeted that the Presidential debate is not a reality show but very real.

Seems Donald Trump didn’t get that memo — he appeared to view it as a starring role on “The Apprentice” with an audience so grand, it was well out of his usual reach (as a note: Monday’s debate was the most watched in history with a total of 81.4 million viewers across 11 of the channels).

But did we watch or did we sit dumbfounded and perplexed, into utter shock as ridiculousness spewed from the 70-year-old’s big mouth?

Covering our ears may have helped, but then, then, there was Donald Trump’s contorted little face, pulling expressions best left to a schoolboy: He posed, he pouted, he tried to feign interest before rolling his eyes.

As was duly noted by the media Tuesday, there appeared to one adult who turned up for the debate. How Hillary kept her composure and didn’t burst out laughing at his nonsensical behavior, we will never know.

So cheers, to Donald Chump’s debate face!


We will leave it on this note;

Wait, then there’s this — oh, snap!

On a final note, need we say more?

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Melissa Myers has worked as an entertainment journalist for ten years, both in London and New York. She now focuses much of her time helping bring inspiring stories to light and, additionally, her project "Makeover with Meaning," which seeks to add a sprinkle of happiness into the lives of those who need it most.

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