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One couple got the photo of a lifetime on their wedding day.

Stephanie and Brian Tobe had been scheduled to wed at the Torrey Pines Golf Course right after President Obama finished up playing a round Sunday afternoon in San Diego.

But things didn’t run a smooth course (excuse the pun).

As the couple was getting ready for the ceremony to start, they were told that Obama was still on the last hole — “which happens to fall right in front of the ceremony site — as in, right behind the altar,” Jeff and Erin Youngren, who photographed the wedding, wrote on their blog,

“Then he finishes his game and goes down to the lawn area, which is where our ceremony was,” Stephanie Tobe, the bride, told ABC News.

As it turns out, Obama became the wedding-crasher-in-chief — stopping to take pictures with the happy couple and shaking the hands of all 60 guests who had begun being seated.

He even gave the Tobe’s some wedding advice..

“Right when we saw him, Stephanie got to him first. And he said congrats to Stephanie right away. And at that moment he pointed out that my foot was actually on the train or the trail of her wedding dress on the ground and he said, I don’t remember his exact words, but he’s so relaxed, and he says nope, nope you know … you can’t step on the wedding dress,” Brian told ABC.

“I think it was our first marriage advice,” he added.


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