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By all accounts, the first Girl Scout campout on the White House lawn was a huge success. President Obama even joined them for a traditional campfire song, saying “Did you guys see Michelle rockin’ out a little bit?” I Love Being a Girl Scout.”

The First lady, who is also the Honorary National President of the Girl Scouts, organized the event as part of her “Let’s Move! Outside” initiative.”


Later our President turned to face the makeshift campfire, a pile of lanterns arranged in the middle of the circle. “Remember to put the fire out before you go to bed,” he said. “That’s what Smokey the Bear said.”

For the scouts, fourth graders from five troops around the country, the night was an opportunity to learn to rock climb, to pitch a tent, to tie a knot, to look through a telescope – and to get to know Obama.


“I thought he was like a serious man who only wanted to work and do business, but he actually has a really nice soft side,” said Blaire Batista, 11, from Washington, D.C.

“Until I die … I’m going to have this memory not in the back of my head, but right in the front,” she said.


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