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This Mother’s Day, give your mom something unexpected–some “Me” time and a new book! Surface, by Stacy Robinson, is the perfect world for moms to get lost in. For women who love reading about scandal, strength and, above all, a fierce love for family, this book is a must-read. From Denver’s high society to an unexpectedly lonely Southern California, Robinson effortlessly draws readers into the world of the Montgomery’s precarious marriage.

In a genre that could have easily followed the clichéd rocky relationship plot line, Surface takes a series of sharp and thoughtful turns–reminding the reader that not every story ends–or even begins–as expected.

Despite Claire Montgomery’s lifetime of sensible choices, one impulsive decision places more than just her marriage in jeopardy. As Claire watches her son fight for his life and, eventually, some standard of normalcy in the aftermath of her indiscretion, she must also contend with the unbridgeable chasms in her marriage and her husband’s increasingly erratic behavior. Whatever balance she thought they had achieved is gone. It is only then that Claire recognizes the lack of authenticity in her world, and begins to uncover a trail of long-buried secrets. With the help of her sister and a cadre of colorful pals, Claire finds the strength and courage to face the ultimate challenge, and to break through the surface of her privileged life to find true passion and the intriguing possibility of a second act.

Don’t expect to have Surface figured out from the first chapter. While the vibrant but flawed main character may have made an epic mistake, the driving force behind her act is just one of many secrets simmering below the surface of the Montgomery marriage. Robinson’s descriptive prose will pull you in from the start and not let go until the very last word.


About The Author

Melissa Myers has worked as an entertainment journalist for ten years, both in London and New York. She now focuses much of her time helping bring inspiring stories to light and, additionally, her project "Makeover with Meaning," which seeks to add a sprinkle of happiness into the lives of those who need it most.

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