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One Christmas, a girlfriend gave me a Clinique Chubby stick lipstick and I wore that thing down to a little nub; It was so handy, easy to use without a mirror, and gave just the amount of color.

Now, the brand has come up with a limited-edition Chubby  ‘Crayola’ kit, that is packed, appropriately, in a crayon box . In eight classic colors, with names like orange Mango Tango, yummy magenta Wild Strawberry, pinky-purple Mauvelous, and rosy beige Fuzzy Wuzzy, there’s a shade for everyone.

Packed with mango and shea butter, they also keep your lips nourished. Crayola™ for Clinique Limited-Edition Set of 8 Minis. $49.50 while they last.




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