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OK so if you have a 2 or 3 people coming over for lunch, and you don’t have much cash on hand, I have the solution. For about 20 bucks you can serve a great looking and great tasting steak sandwich guaranteed to satisfy. But you should tell your friends to bring the wine!

So get yourself to the store. Somewhere you know you can get a good deal but still get quality food, like Trader Joe’s.
You’ll need to first get the steak. I love Flank Steak, so thats what I got, but you can go with whatever you like.
You’ll also need to get a couple medium to large tomatoes, lettuce, some flat bread (round if you can find them), and Dijon Mustard. That’s it!!

When you’re ready to cook, start by generously seasoning the steak. I used salt, course ground black pepper, garlic powder, and a little parsley flake (my usual go to’s), and a little olive oil.


Then get your grill, grill pan, cast iron pan, or broiler really hot. The hotter the better so you get a nice crust on the meat.


Then get the meat to the heat!
Cook to about medium. Getting to that will depend on what type of steak you got at the store. For my flank on a grill pan it was about 7-10 minutes on each side.
Once your steak is cooked the way you like it, get it off the heat and let it rest under tin foil, while you prepare the flat bread (5-10 minutes)
All you need to do is spread some mustard on the flat bread, add some lettuce, and a few slices of tomato. Easy peasy!

Then slice your steak. Make sure you cut against the grain of the meat to unsure tender slices that are easy to bite into. And then add a few pieces to the flat bread with another quick sprinkle of salt and pepper.
And presto!! You have a great looking open faced sandwich that you can fold to eat or cut into. I went for the fold because I like to be messy..

Pretty simple right? Easy, delicious, and cost effective. My kind of lunch!! And best of all your friends will be happy too!

As usual, let me know if you make it and what you think. I’m sure you’ll like it as much as I do. And don’t forget to add the love!


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Paul Salvatore Petersen trained in Culinary Arts at Johnson and Whales in North Miami, but credits his grandmother for everything he knows. Spent the last 15 years in hospitality in New York City, he now lives in Los Angeles. He is a food blogger at, and a personal chef. Check him out on Instagram @PaulsFood and Twitter @thebestfoodblog

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