Praise the Lord for this couple.

Over the space of two days, Christian and Amanda Dornhorst spent $1,840 of their own money buying supplies to cook a barbecue (including chicken thighs, sausage, hotdogs and brisket) for people who were affected by the southern Louisiana floods that has left at least 13 people dead and damaged about 40,000 homes.

The pair then headed to Celtic Media Centre, which is being used as a shelter for people for those who lost their homes or were evacuated due to the floods, and served out the food

“When you hand someone a serving tray of food, it’s like handing them a hug, smile and handshake all at once,” Christian, 35,  said.

“I didn’t do this to draw attention to myself,” he added. “I have already received more than is warranted for this small gesture.”

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