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By DJ Tanman

FUSIC Fashion Live Series ignites fashion designers in pre MAGIC Fashion expo event held at Hard Rock Hotel and Casino ( Body English Afterdark )

The largest fashion expo in the world, which attracts over 250,000 fashionistas, was ground zero for 8 fashion designers who got to walk the runway the night before at Hard Rock Hotel and Casino’s pre MAGIC fashion expo event called FUSIC.

We should have known this was a unique group of fashionistas. We arrived to the behind the scenes “Meet and Greet” with FUSIC designers and models held at 2PM to 7PM Sunday August 18th, in the Hard Rock Hotel’s luxury 2 story villa, complete with its own poolside jacuzzi and rocking art decor. And this fashion group added a few touches to the warm up event with DJ’s spinning vinyl and house music, models and makeup artists in a frenzy, and as the two story rock and rock iconic suite, it was a statement that this was going to be a great time. For those lucky enough to be invited by ( it was VIP invite only) it was the beginning of lots more fun to come. The ever hip fashion designer Aros Crystos slipped out to hit up Venus pool at Caesars to show off his collection but a rare Vegas summer rain put a damper on that for the moment. The VIP entourage of designers,journalists, models and lucky guests who had a “DJ Encounter” wristband were then shuttled from the 2 story VIP Villa Suites into the private invite only fashion series which was not open to the public. The event was private so that stunning photography could be taken of the designers and their models walking the runway for press releases going out on the designers.

The fashion show and party got started with La Freak, dfoos ( from LMFAO) fashion line which was showcased at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino event with models from his company on the red carpet and runway as Red Foo’s hit song “Bring Out The Bottles”’ was played over the concert level sound system in Body English.

Yenitza Munoz, model and brand ambassador for Redfoo (from LMFAO) hit up the runway and red carpet wearing Red Foo’s new fashion line “La Freak”.

Designer and actress Angel B, who flew in from Canada summed up her surreal experience when she walked the runway as a fashion designer for the first time…”it was truly an amazing once in a lifetime experience. I cannot believe that I am living this dream” said the designer who presented her first collection of her lifetime. Not bad, she is only 11 years old and showcasing her line before the world’s largest fashion expo which opened up only hours later.


Canadian Fashion Designer/Music Artist/Actress Angel B had something to be excited about during MAGIC.

After Angel left for the red carpet, designer Courtney Allegra came up with an endless collection that seemed to go on and on. For a young designer, you could have not imagined such an extensive and brilliant collection. Courtney has been steadily building her brand up worldwide with appearances at the newstands in fashion magazines and even an appearance on NBC’s Good Morning America as a star of tomorrow. We agree, Courtney is not just a star for tomorrow, she is one today.

Courtney Allegra ( 2nd to R) and her models pose on the runway.

Nadine Casanova, an award winning designer ( she launched a collection under her brand Honey Be Life) and musician ( she won a FUSIC Award for best fashion and music fusion at Fashion Week LA Spring, 2013) showed exactly why she has won awards in music and fashion. Her stunning collection of dresses and winged models combined with stuntwork and choreography rarely seen by any New York runway show was put on by her artists and models as her new song “ Hit the Spot” played as the show went on, showed everyone she clearly has talent. Hands down it was uber’ impressive.

What would a fashion show be without sexy couture and V by Rob Bennett delivered that to the fashion show. We could hear people in the audience gasping literally when his models turned on the runway revealing his exotic hand crafted threads, there was something to say about a line that wreaks of corporate sexiness…it was HOT! Rob Bennett is a truly gifted artist and he hand picked out his array of models who could deliver the right message. As his models turned on the runway you would have thought Emerill the chef was backstage cooking up a spicy fashion recipe as you could hear charismatic fashion guru Rob Bennett on cue with his perfectly synched up electronic music hollering out “bam” as the models turned on the runway . When Rob was asked what the makeup look would be for his line to give to the head make up department, he summed up his line like this “ Corporate sexed up hangover”. We agreed and that was one sexy line up and a one of a kind presentation put on by an incredibly gifted team.

V by Rob Bennett stood out at Hard Rock Hotel for class, couture and a brand where “V” stands for vision.

Rob got the memo from Fashion Live and the show’s creator; “FUSIC is about fusing fashion with the right music”, and when Rob commissioned notable DJ and music producer Justin Renkin to score the high energy music for his runway show right to the second it ended with the last model, we would absolutely have to say his presentation was the most thought out music presentation to match the energy of his fashion presentation. Rob and Justin stick around, you could win the FUSIC award held every year at Fashion Week LA!

Sexy professional wear for women and men on the runway. V by Rob Bennett.


Rob was not content with the excitement drawn and when he headed to MAGIC to walk the isles, his media team followed him in tow as he picked up interviews by Fashion One TV and other media outlets who were equally impressed by Rob’s fascinating story that has fused his collection and brand into a name you will be hearing about into 2014 and beyond.

Award Winning Fashion Designer Nadine Casanova ( Honey Be Life) did it again with an out of this world collection that combined fashion, art, music and dance. Photo credit Cate Vail.

Nadine was just the first of two previous award winning designers, eco conscious award winning designer Aros Crystos with his energetic jean and jacket collection inspired by nature, ecology and definitely with rock and roll themes showed why the producer chose the hall of fame property for rock and roll. Aros fit in there with his collection and models like a rock star. And when model Tara Rice came out to walk the runway to join Aros in a mermaid outfit, we knew we had arrived at a fabulous fashion event.

Designer Aros Crystos G.O.D. ( Galatic Orgasm Designs) gushes out out life, color and energy at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino.

Walk through the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino and you will come across many leather jackets worn by rock stars in the glass display cases. Rolling through the lobby with his new collection and entourage beside him, was fashion designer to the stars, Kaptain Designs, who rolled by with jackets designed recently for royalty like Prince William and Princess Kate, Prince the musician, and rock legends like The Rolling Stones.

Countdown to Kaptain’s Voyage: Kaptain about one hour before runway time at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino.

Kaptain Designs on the runway at Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Las Vegas.

It would be only a short time before Kaptain Designs rolled out on the runway with 20 models to end the show while AC/DC played in Body English as Kaptain put on a rocking presentation in the legendary rock and roll destination he has been hanging out and dressing rock and roll stars and celebrities like The Rolling Stones, Chris Angel and Adam Lambert over the years. Kaptain is famous for doing things with style and flare, after all he probably holds the world record for having dressed the most celebrities.

kaptainleather fusic

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