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Flowers, chocolates, hell, even diamonds are out.

What women really want this Valentine’s Day is botox.

A new study conducted by Good Surgeon Guide found 78 per cent women would be more impressed if they got the cosmetic procedure over anything else and it is the perfect way for their partner to say “I love you”.

But men beware: You should check with your partner to ensure if it is really what they want, otherwise you could be on the receiving end of months of arguments.

A spokesperson for Good Surgeon Guide concurred, saying: “While our general opinion is that gifting cosmetic surgery or aesthetic treatments is not good idea, it cannot erase the fact that people still feel compelled to give and receive them.
“We recommend that men who choose to give cosmetic treatments for Valentine’s must understand how the gift may make their partner feel, especially if it’s a surprise.
“If at all possible, it’s best to speak with their partner about the treatment and make sure it is something they want.”

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