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Life is hectic enough, demanding multiple choices every minute of the day. So serial entrepreneur Greg Alterman is making it easier on us, with his minimalist lifestyle m/f people brand, with modern clothes without gender, minimal/functional details combined with premium knit fabrics and neutral understated palettes. The kind of clothes that you want to live in. Clothes that go with everything. Clothes you can sleep in if you wish.

Then there’s the skincare/ hygiene line, a clean aesthetic with all-white packaging and a subtle scent. Made for both sexes, the eco-conscious products cover hair, to skincare to shaving needs, including a popular hyaluronic vit-c serum range. It’s an idea who’s time has come. Embrace the ‘less is more philosophy,’ or as Alterman sees it, keep life simple so you can concentrate on what really matters.

Linen Lounge Pant.

Daily Candid News had a chance to quiz the man of the hour :

Greg Alterman

Why m/f and why now?

No one lifestyle brand has risen as “the brand” during this gender movement that is truly happening ‘ as it’s an unprecedented time we are living in. A Politically heated topic for certain and the time is NOW. The lines have been blurred for too long. People are people. Clothing is clothing. It’s time a company takes a stance.


m/f seems right in tune with the millennial generation. Was that the plan?

Alterman :
I do believe millennials will understand the brand, but we are here to serve the people and of all ages. Our best-in-class products are appreciated by all from expert aesthetes to urban housewives.
What about scents? Is there a unisex scent/smell?


We have spent months formulating a fresh and clean, gender-neutral “ever so slight ” fragrance. It’s part of the sensory experience for sure but meant to be subtle enough to be really a non-issue of you are “scent sensitive ” (Editor’s note: Some of us in the office thought it was unscented!) 


We love the clean, white packaging. Can you tell us your philosophy behind it?

Alterman :

Keeping a bathroom tidy is a challenge. Our packaging is designed to “accentuate” and not to detract from a home’s beauty.   Any type of architecture or design should not be cluttered or ruined with colorful bathroom/shower products. We aid in creating more of a “zen” feeling in the bathroom by essentially becoming “invisible” which will immediately create a more peaceful feeling when getting ready every day.

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