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Ever sat around with a group of friends the morning after a night out and wished you could remember more of what happened? Flashgap, the European photo sharing app launched in the United States on September 22nd 2015, can help you do exactly that.

Flashgap allows you to create a group photo album with your friends during a party or event. The catch is that every photo or video that was taken disappears in three seconds and remains hidden until 12pm the next day. And that’s exactly when each participant of the party receives the entire album and gets the surprise of discovering all the pictures from the past night. The first time delayed photo-sharing app will thus give each person the opportunity to relive the party under different angles, for better… or for worse!

Flashgap is absolutely free of charge. Founded by four French friends in their twenties, it was inspired by the end credits of The Hangover movie. Its goal is to bring all the fun back from a night out’s photos with your friends – but you only get that chance hours after your evening has ended-with Flashgap.

The real insight comes from CEO Julian Kabab, as he discusses his university lifestyle:
“We used to go out with GoPros strapped to our heads, swapping cameras between us throughout the night. The next day, we all woke up in the same flat and watched all the footage. The best bit wasn’t just recalling memories, but discovering everything together at the same time.”
On the night of your event, Flashgap will help you to live in the moment, without focusing on posting on social networks or adding filters to your pictures, while on the next day, the app simply intends to make your morning after a night out easier and fun: it will offer you the opportunity to re-experience the highlights of your parties in a new, exciting way, while making you feel more connected with your friends.

Core features of the app include the creation of 15 second videos, the possibility of hiding pictures with a scratch, which makes it even more fun to discover the content the next day, as well as the creation of group chats for members to debrief the party.

Flashgap does not allow any shares on social networks, and remains, thus, true to its motto: Together. For better or for worse.

Discover Flashgap and download the app at the Apple Store or Google Play here.

Now it’s time to go have some fun!

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