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Rob Kardashian has reached breaking point with his famous family.

The final straw?

Kim’s recent interview where she disses Rob for both his extreme weight gain and drug use in Rolling Stone.

But it’s not just Kim — he has had it with the entire clan.

“Rob has officially had it with not just Kim, but also once again with Kris,” Mark Behar, a celebrity insider, tells Daily Candid News exclusively.

Rob told Mark that he feels the family use him as a “pawn for their own publicity and social media gain.”

“He feels that they’ve spread all these lies about him in the media — it’s the ultimate betrayal,” Behar adds.

The 28-year-old, who has struggled with his weight and substance abuse issues resulting in a trip to rehab, is once again planning to flee Los Angeles in a bid to distance himself from his family.

Behar explains: “I just heard from Rob today, and he wants my help getting him out of La La Land and to help him return to South Florida, just to be out from under his families puppeteer and controlling ways.

“He said ‘dude they are trying to use and abuse me mentally and control my life for their own personal gain — it’s a media circus out there, I can’t even take a piss without someone trying to get at me, or snap a pic of me, and I think my family is behind it all.'”

Behar goes on to say that Rob told him that the family “are forcing him into a corner and making him the monster that he’s not and never was, but that he can’t fight the Kardashian spin machine as they’re too powerful.”



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