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If you are going to get marriage advice from anyone, then it might as well be Joan Collins.

The legendary actress is somewhat of a veteran in that department, having been married five times now.

We caught up with 79-year-old star as she was getting her nails done in Beverly Hills on Friday, where she shared her tips for making a marriage work.


Given that she has been married to her current hubby, Percy Gibson, who is 32 years her junior, since 2002, we think she has finally found the secret to making love last.

Collins recently told British newspaper, The Sun, that she wishes at 18, she knew “that if you slept with a man you did not have to marry him.”



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  1. Up the Coast

    She does look good for 79. I saw her on that (stupid) show, on tvland…Happily Divorced….and she was very funny. Actually, I’m becoming a fan of the mindlessly-silly sitcom again.


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