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The Kardashians and their cameras have seemingly moved on, what with Kris Jenner’s $2 million 60th birthday bash and Khloe Kardashinan spotted with former flame James Harden at Lure nightclub in Hollywood around midnight Sunday.

But unfortunately, Lamar Odom hasn’t as he recovers in hospital at Cedars-Sinai Hospital in L.A., after being found unconscious and “foaming at the mouth” last month at a Nevada brothel.

On Sunday morning, he spoke by phone to Mark Behar, a well known Celebrity Bodyguard and Personal Protection Specialist, about the events leading up to his overdose.

“I finally asked him (which I held off on, due to his health and didn’t want to upset him and didn’t want to ask him, as he was healing), about what he recalled happened at The Love Ranch South that weekend, ” Behar recounts. He was hesitant at first and said that whole time was foggy to him.”

Behar continues: “I then asked if he was fucked up before and when he got their? To which he replied that he was and that he was using and just didn’t give a fuck that whole weekend and the week leading up to it. He revealed that he had had it with the whole Kardashian mental abuse and wanted to just get fucked up, forget about them and party.”

So what brought this all on?

“He said it was everything — the family had been harassing him and using him, even when he try to avoid them and get away from all of them (except Rob Kardashian),” Behar says.

The former NBA star also addressed the issue of the $75,000 he splashed out at the brothel, admitting he knew the costs, but just wanted to have a good time.

“He also mentioned that the girls were cool and he is thankful they checked on him otherwise he might not be alive today.

“He added that he has been so depressed and was suicidal and just wanted some company, girls who would listen, not judge and treat him nice,” Behar says.

After those questions, Behar says Lamar didn’t want to delve into the circumstances surrounding the overdose any further.

“He just said he that it was all behind him now and he just wanted to recover from the whole thing and that he was thankful to be alive,” Behar says.

As for the future with or without the Kardashian clan and estranged wife Khloe, Lamar plans, according to his conversation with Behar, to move to South Florida.

“Once he gets better, after his rehab and is able to travel and be more able to take care of himself, like in April/July of 2016, ” Behar says of Lamar’s timeline.


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