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This winter has been brutal on skin. We’re surprised our face doesn’t have huge crack lines, like seismic fault lines. Thanks to Kate Somerville skincare, we’re trying the Quench serum which is the first hydrating skin serum we’ve tried to make a difference. Just a few drops covers the entire face, and after giving  it a few minutes to sink in, our complexion instantly looks dewy and satiny smooth.

It’ s the ‘age-defense’ ingredients, like Vit A (which promotes healthier-looking skin and kick starts the  skin renewal process), HSC complex (responsible for locking in moisture) and lipids (which improve elasticity and firmness) and retinol, the power tool in any combination.

Perfect for winter-ravaged skin, we’re making it part of our daily arsenal.

$75 for 1 oz or $115 for 2oz.

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