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Rihanna is a diamond in the sky for Chris Brown and he is showering the star with pricey gifts.

A source tells the new issue of In Touch that the bad boy dropped $65,000 on a pair of Neil Lane chandelier earrings that he presented to the Barbados-born beauty, explaining, “Chris wants to prove he’s more serious now.”

The source revealed when Neil Lane originally lent Rihanna this pair of earrings — Chris took note when she gushed over how much she loved them, and without her knowing, purchased them for her.

A romantic gesture it may be, but the news that Brown is splashing out on expensive jewelry instantly made us think of Wednesday night’s “Law & Order: SVU” episode, which was evidently based on the couple’s real-life story.


In case you missed it, the episode ‘Funny Valentine’ highlighted the darker consequences of domestic violence in the story of hip-hop star Caleb Bryant and pop/R&B singer Micha Green (Robinson).

In one scene, after a brutal beating, Caleb presents Micha with a pricey bauble.

Much like Rihanna and Brown’s real-life romance, these two fictional characters saw their relationship being played out on social media and in the mainstream press, and Bryant even gets a tattoo of Micha’s beaten face.


Some fans thought the episode was in poor taste

Some fans thought the episode was in poor taste

But this tale, which had fans of the couple divided, took a deadly, dark turn when Micha hops on a private plane to join Bryant for a Caribbean getaway.

The next morning, her body is found floating in the ocean next to Caleb’s boat.

Fans react on Twitter

Fans react on Twitter

Some outlets, including E!, wondered if the ending went too far. While Hollywood Life took a tougher stance.

“Overall, the show took some liberties … but pretty much wrapped things up exactly as they are: Chris is a violent man and Rihanna accepts a bad man in her life,” they wrote.

Fundamentally, the message that the show hammered home was not a subtle one — most domestic violence escalates if it isn’t stopped. And it is better to love them and leave them rather than become another statistic.

Watch the promo below…


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  1. Up the Coast

    I didn’t watch it, but I don’t think it went too far…it’s only a tv show. Reality IS that women die everyday at the hands of men who beat them. THAT goes too far!!!

  2. Up the Coast

    P.S. I’d love to bash that smug look off Chris Brown’s face! Or watch someone else do it.


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