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CES, the world’s largest gadget convention, is in full-swing in Vegas, and sure, there are giant TVs, curved OLED’s, wearable tech, and car tech but it’s also the year for in-home tech beyond the living room.

Connected smart home devices such as connected light bulbs, remote home web automation, and thinking thermostats are already here but we’re seeing a terrific new buffet of connected home devices.

Take the Quirky egg minder above. That’s the most basic of the interconnected devices we saw.


At the top of the pile, are the home automation system such as Lowe’s “Iris”, which has leak-detecting smart shut-off valves, smart lawn sprinkler control, and a voice-command interface, among other cool features.




And how about controlling our home appliances while at work? Belkin just introduced a “Crock-Pot Smart Slow Cooker,” where you can control and monitor cooking times via your smart phone.

We are still hoping for a home app that will make dinner for when we’re slammed at work but so far this year we haven’t found one at CES. But we’ll keep you posted.





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