Q & Corner: Emmy award winning author Sheila Hamilton on Gun control and the impact of mental illness

Portland radio’s Kink Radio # 1 media personality Sheila Hamilton tackles subjects such as the President’s visit to Oregon and the mental health angle of the Roseburg shooting. Saturday was World Mental Health Awareness Day, and Sheila’s first book about her relationship with her bi-polar husband and his subsequent suicide will be published on October 20th.

Q & A Corner: Exclusive interview with Darius Cottrell

Darius Cottrell is one of those actors that you see in Hollywood and think to yourself, “I know and have seen this guy somewhere?!”. Well, besides appearing in everything from The General's Daughter with John Travolta, to the blockbuster hit American Sniper, Darius has taken over Hollywood ever since getting into the acting scene after serving as a United States Marine for none years (serving in Desert Storm and Operation Restore Hope in Somalia).