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Ever want to customize your wireless speaker?  For instance, put the logo of your favorite sports team on it, and design it in your fave colors? Or better yet, upload an image for the grill (speaker cover). At Boombotix, you can do exactly that. ($79.99)  (As a plus, now that we splashed a big photo of our family on it, everyone knows it’s our speaker at the beach.)

We were already a fan of the brand, (BOOMBOT2 speaker review ) and just like the BOT2, The Boombotix Build-A-Bot  connects to iPods, smartphones, tablets, and laptops using wireless Bluetooth technology; is water resistant, kick- a$$ bass woofer, and you can take it anywhere, thanks to a clip on the back. For bikers, there’s a handle bar mount as well as a Tuffskin Silicone case for you crazy backpackers/skiers/white-water rafters out there.


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