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Andie with daughter Rainey Qualley

Andie with daughter Rainey Qualley

At 56, Andie MacDowell remains one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood.

The stunning actress revealed her beauty secrets and what brings her joy when we caught up with her and her daughter, Rainey Qualley, who are teaming with Extra Strength Tylenol to inspire young people to honor their own mothers for the strength she exhibits daily, and for all the ways she’s helped to make them strong in their lives.

And given she’s a single mom-of-four, she knows a thing or two about the importance of family and the happiness being a mom yields.

CelebZter: Can you tell us how you got involved in this project?

Andie: As a single mother of four, my mother taught me that you always want to show up strong for the moments that really matter with family, friends, and community. I now recognize how her strength helped shape the person I am today and the mother that I have become.  I’m proud to partner with TYLENOL® on STORIES OF STRENGTH to give everyone a chance to honor the person who has helped make them strong for what’s most important in life. Rainey and I both enjoy positivity and ‘Stories of Strength’ was a great way to share our personal messages of strength and to encourage others to do so. You can honor your source of strength by going to  

CelebZter: What are the keys to a happy family life?

Andie: My children are very comfortable with saying the words I love you, we have always been clear on that, all families have struggles but with the clear understanding that we love each other unconditionally we always manage to come through with compassion and understanding. We try not to go to bed mad!  

CelebZter: How do you juggle your personal life with your career?

Andie: My personal life now is easier because my children are grown. My career is a valid part of my life but it has never defined me. I am many things, mother, sister, friend, actor, producer and philanthropist. The most valuable one is and will always be, mother.

CelebZter: What are your secrets to being such an ageless beauty?

Andie: Beauty is an action, you have to be a beautiful person to be beautiful. Your words and actions reflect your true self. I take care of my skin by using Revitalift and I love the new oil L’Oreal Age Perfect Facial Oil. Good conditioners like L’Oreal’s nature therapy and I always use Excellence hair color because it is gentle on my hair. I drink a lot of water and I believe in exercise, it not only helps my body it keeps my skin healthier.

CelebZter: And your motto in life?

Andie: Living in a state of gratitude is the best way be happy. I always come back to this place, gracious gratitude.


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